The Pantom Quartet Pre-Prototype (plus SMD to DIP conversions)

The Phantom Quartet is an idea I've had for quite some time. I put together a schematic which incorporates Pete Edwards' step sequencer. My original post with the schematic can be found here; and Pete was kind enough to post it here and here.
[click for larger]
I noticed that I already had a few 4017s so I wanted to finally have a go at making a sequencer. The only downside was that I accidentally ordered SMD 4017s (a mistake I used to make often) instead of DIP. So to get around it, I crafted the little monster pictured above.
Once that was done, I used the counter to sequence 9v charges into pots which lead to my orcasynth. It actually worked! Here is a clip of the voltage sequencer in action:

I am expecting the parts for the actual step switches and everything in the next few days. So stay tuned for prototype A!

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