The Orcasynth

Hello, and apologies for the tardiness of this update.
This is the Orcasynth; a digital synth (based around a 40106 hex inverter) with optional clock or photoresistor duty-cycle control.

[click for larger]
The synth circuit is a modified version of Hackaday's design, and the clock is just a simple 555 clock. The side with the LED and 2 knobs (speed, and high time) is the clock. The side with the photoresistor and 4 knobs (frequency, duty cycle, lfo speed and lfo pitch) is the synth.

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The switch on the clock side is power. The switch on the synth side changes between either clock to duty cycle modulation, or photoresistor to duty cycle modulation. There are also two humorously-placed jacks; clock-out and synth-out. Since the two circuits are only connected by a makeshift vactrol, the clock-out is clean and isolated.

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The only downside is that the signal needs to be amplified. I am thinking of putting a simple amp onboard though (there's still a little room in there). In case you were curious, the audio amplification in the video is through this monstrosity:
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But that is for another day.

Happy Glitching.