Inverter-Based Synths

I have mentioned before that my synths are inverter-based. Now this makes them "digital" rather than "analog" op-amp based synths. The great thing about inverter synths is how easy it is for beginners to mod them and bend them. They are low voltage, and incredibly versatile. In all my bending and re-wiring of inverters, I still haven't managed to ruin any parts like I used to with basic circuit-bending.

[super-secret song at the end]
Beavis Audio Research has a great page on these types of synths here: beavisaudio.com/Projects/CMOS_Synthesizers The above video involves my digisynth v1, beavis audio's Heterodyne Space Explorer (a quad-oscillator with starve), and a "Mr Rogers in my Pocket." The starve and quad-osc combined with an input patched in makes some great digital, squeaky distortion. Almost akin to a high-gain bitcrusher.

I'm currently working on some Jar Monsters, a few songs, updating my recording studio, transcribing the full digisynth schematic to photoshop, and a commissioned digisynth v3 for a friend. Recap: v0 was the OrcaSynth, v1 was the DigiSynth, v2 was the SynthZilla, and v3 is in the works with many improvements over v2.

Also, here is something I drew on harmony:
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