This is all I'm posting for December; I consider it my "vacation" from updating the blog.

Full set here.


Plushie Demon

Sorry this is a brief post, but fall/winter is always insanely busy for me.
Here's the plushie demon I made for my girlfriend:

I got a new tattoo a while ago based on a doodle by Jim Woodring that was published in the back of Aliens: Labyrinth. Here is the source doodle, and the full piece (ignore my keratosis pilaris) designed by Mark da Sharc:

I had a pair of lighters made for my friend and I on the zippo site. They are based on this comic, and they high-five when you open and close the lighter:



Last Sunday I went glass-blowing for the first time. We went to Seattle Glassblowing Studio, and our instructor was Megan. I highly recommend this place!

Full set here.


Vermis vexatus "Convulsing Grub"

Vermis vexatus
"Convulsing Grub"
This is a sculpture I made for a local art show; details below.

This is for Artist & Craftsman Supply's "Phos-Fall-Escent" gallery.
The show starts October 1st, 2011.
4350 8th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

I will gladly answer any questions about the process and/or materials; but here is a brief overview. Wire and tinfoil armature, sculpey and cernit body, speedball and golden acrylic paints, hot glue to guide the slime which is rubber cement. The water is a top-secret mixture.

Below is a series of shots of the process (you can see the rest of the photos here).


35mm Scans

Here are scans of 35mm film that I had developed by Panda Lab in Seattle. The photos were taken over the last 5 years or so.

See the rest of the set here. I hope to develop all my B&W 120 & 220 film soon (once I'm done testing developing times with Rodinall).

PS: I try to keep personal life off of this site, but I love this photo too much not to share. My girlfriend started her comic book collection and we couldn't be more excited:



In July I decided to try my hand at watercolor. I love the ghost-like flow it imbues upon my drawings.

Some I haven't painted yet, one of the above before painting, and one being painted with my two best friends in the background:

See the rest of my watercolor/ink work here.


Glitchbent Noise & Drone in the Studio

This is a lengthy clip of me making some textural drone and noise:

NOTE: First half is mainly guitar, second half is mainly circuit-bent devices.

This is a more-visible, mini "tech demo" of me making some glitch noise and drone noise:

The 2nd one has glitch beats edited into the very end, as is typical with my videos. Everything in these videos is done with pedals, baritone guitar, custom noise-makers and circuit-bent toys; no audio editing. I split my hi and low signals into two separate amps, with all my delay/reverb on the hi amp.

PS: The synth I use in these videos is detailed here.


LEGOmonster (my first circuit bend)

The LEGOmonster is the very first thing I circuit bent, years ago.
I used a set of computer speakers for the main unit, with a single-button toy patched in.
Be sure to check out the "sick beat" at the end. I am planning on updating the LEGOMonster with what I've learned since I made it, so I thought it would be good to archive how it initially worked.

PS: I got a tattoo (again).


Drawings & Pen Case

Here are some recent drawings:

(that first one is for someone special)

See the full set here.

I noticed that the plastic cases that Micron pens come in fall apart so quickly; so I scrapped together my own from padded pleather: