Stay Tuned for 3 New Projects!

Hello! I am about halfway done with 3 new from-scratch noisemakers. Just as a sample, here is the confusing front panel for the HANd SOLO:
[click for larger]
The small red dots are banana jacks, and the small yellow dots are touch points.
The second upcoming monster is version two of this little groanmachine I made for the chap who first got me into noise and electronics:
[click for larger]
It makes awful clicks and squeals and is very sensitive to organic interference, but oddly not electronic interference.
The third is a square box with 23 controls that makes hellish noise!
Stay tuned for schematics for all three monsters. (For starters, the brains used in these monsters are 7805, irf510, 40106, 555, 4017 and lm324).

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