LEGO RoboForce II & UFO II

I finally took my LEGO collection out of storage for the first time since I was young(er). Here are my first builds as an AFOL. Any suggestions or constructive criticism are encouraged.

RoboForce II (Reminds me of these two sets)

Magnetic opening cockpit:

UFO II WIP(UFO I for reference)

This is my first attempt at greebling. I have learned that greebled areas look best when you stick to two, high-contrasting colors. Keep it clean and simple and you will get the pop you are looking for. The small ship was originally going to be the cockpit of the other two, in sort of a vic-viper meets podracer configuration, but I just couldn't get the connections to look the way I wanted, so I took the cockpit further as its own build.

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Full Set Here