Noise Tapes For Sale

I have three noies tapes for sale. All of them are from Seattle label FEAST Recordings and $3 each (and, as with all FEAST releases, each tape comes with a secret trading card).

Transient Orca Pod - Sand and Blood Beneath our Stomachs (c18)
Only 4 Left! Specify black or white insert. Sample Track Here.

Transient Orca Pod - Return From the Deep (c89)
Batch of 30. Sample Track Here.

Carlos William Carloses - Groaning Pixels (c45)
Batch of 30. Sample Track Here.

Contact sales(at)glitchbent(dot)com if interested.
PS: Sorry about the lack of electronics updates! My soldering iron keeps randomly cooling down one moment, and then working again the next. It is quite frustrating. Any tips?