Shaw Island, WA part II

December is my "vacation month" from updating the blog, but I really like the photos I took this time on Shaw Island. More once I develop my film.

Set with bigger versions here.


New Album "KDSX"

My new, lo-fi, 16-track, electronic album is finally finished!
The songs change a bit by the time they end; so please take the patience to skip around a little before you decide if you want to buy it or not. The whole thing is free to stream online.

All of the songs on this album were made with Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS, hence the name KDSX. The songs were even recorded directly from the song-composer screen. While the playback is all automated, I made every note, beat, synth patch and drum patch from scratch.
More info and secret animated gifs contained in the album files.


Aphelion Lancer (LEGO UFO)

Here is the updated version of this WIP. Again, inspired by these two sets. Set with bigger versions here.


Shaw Island, WA

I consider August one of my two "months off" since it contains my birthday, so this post is a bit brief. These are the best of my recent Shaw Island photos.


LEGO 0-Gauge Earrings

DISCLAIMER: Plastic is semi-porous, it is much harder to clean/keep clean on a bacterial level than metal or glass (or treated bone).

I recently misplaced my earrings, and as a placeholder made a lego pair. Hinge cylinders fit perfectly in 0 gauge piercings.

Set Here
also I just noticed my right ear has a tiny point/dent in it, and I love it


Minecraft Builds

Before the minecraft server Textracraft got reset, I had built quite a few hidden things for other players to find. Here are some of my favorites.

View the actual album in glorious imgur format here.