28 Paintings at Kiss Cafe in Ballard

I'm showing my work at Kiss Cafe in Ballard (Seattle) for all of August.
Tons of new paintings. 28 total. All for sale.

[pencil, watercolor, ink, paper]

Stop by and email me your feedback!
Kiss Cafe, 2817 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107


Doodles from 2014

Here are some doodles from last year.
I'm turning a handful of them into paintings.

More doodles and larger images in the Toon Buffet.
See the rest of my watercolor/ink work here.


Watercolor Update 2015

Here are a parasaurolophus and steelhead I made for people:

Here are some works in progress:

This one probably isn't worksafe. Horseparts.

See the rest of my watercolor/ink work here.


Reduced Posting Frequency

For over 5 years I have posted a new project (often multiple) every single month, but recently I have found myself posting more and more works-in-progress.

With delving deeper into so many mediums (drawing, watercolor, electrical engineering, drumming, stuffed animals, photography, LEGO, etc), each project takes longer than the last. I'm also honing my skills, focusing mainly on 2D art and drumming lately (currently recording/editing with Diomedes so we can start playing shows again).
You get the idea. One project a month is beginning to seem like a pretty rushed way to do things.

So here are some recent photos of mine, and from now on I am just going to post projects as I finish them, and post WIPs on tumblr instead. Expect less frequent but more ambitious updates.

More/larger photos on my flickr.


Plush Giz

I made a felt, stuffed-animal version of my mom's cat, Gizmo.
Here's the plush Gizmo and the real Gizmo.