Welcome to GlitchBent

I'm your host, SUBBS.
In this blog, I will catalog my mods, hacks, bends, etc (whatever you would like to call them).

For anyone who is new to circuit-bending, head here.

In a bit of shameless gloating, the first mod I will share with you is one currently hosted on casperelectronics.com
This is quite a big deal to me because Pete Edwards is an idol of mine. 75% of my circuit-bending knowledge comes from him. I'm also pleased to share that he is incredibly sweet, and even takes time to reply to emails (despite his busy schedule involving numerous interviews and the opening of Casper Land).
Enough prologue, here's the schematic I based around his sequencer:
[click for larger]
And here's the page it's hosted on, along with his original diagram.

Happy Glitching.