MEGA-PREVIEW for Upcoming Articles

Here's a preview of some creations I will be posting in detail in the future.

In order for a creation to be considered "finished" by my standards, I must include the following:
-Touch-sensitive banana jacks (and therefore fully patchable)
-Speaker-bypassing output jack with volume control
-Paintjob with monster-face and red splatter
-Starve pot
-Pitch/speed control
-Other bends (if I feel like it)

[click for larger]

Since all my finished pieces are patchable, one can definitely get some fantastic sounds by cross-bending points between different devices. Running the audio out of a device or amplified bass into the bend points of another device is quite lovely.

[click for larger]

I also make most of my patch cables, adapters, splitters, etc. I find it fun, and when I need one for a specific feature, I find that building it is much easier than purchasing something that might work how I want.

Hopefully I will be good about updating here. (Unfortunately, my studio and workshop are in two different locations, and finished pieces are typically in the studio, not here at my workshop).

Thanks for reading, and Happy Bending.

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