(My apologies; this post is one day late).
I recently visited my family in Argentina.
Half of my Argentine family lives in Buenos Aires, the other half in Posadas. I didn't get a chance to visit Posadas; but I did stay in Bariloche for the first time, and then Buenos Aires.
In most Argentine cities there are many healthy, stray dogs. They know how to navigate streets and avoid traffic, and since they are socially accepted, they typically get scraps from homes and restaurants. They were the sweetest strays I've ever encountered, and were definitely healthier than many shelter-dogs in the US.Bariloche is in the province of Patagonia, which is known for its abundance of paleontological sites. I visited a Paleontology Museum run by the incredible yet humble Rodolfo Corsolini (above right). I cannot do justice to his collection, skills, achievements, and personality in a simple blog post. I strongly recommend visiting his museum if you ever have the chance.
Barbara Fabregas is a woman I met in a market in Bariloche. She makes incredible jewelry by hand. Most of it from silver and beautiful local stones. She hand-braids silver strands for some details, and also makes the chains for each piece link-by-link.
Everything about being back home (for the first time in 10 years) was incredible. In a few months I might even go back.
Expect a return to electronics-related posts soon (I just finished vastly improving a crybaby wah). Side-Note: If you are into metal (sludge or doom, specifically) you NEED to check out Thou. They have over 4 hours of their music free on their site.

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